Answer: About One Glass of Wine!

Questions:  “How long does it take for your kids to fall asleep?”

Answer:  “About one glass of wine”

I have been asked many times by other moms who are curious to know if the amount of time it is taking them to put their little monsters to bed is ‘normal’ or not, and honestly for the longest time I never really answered.  The reason for that being, I don’t know if the amount of time it takes my kids to finally be in La La land is ‘normal’ because their sleep patterns are all I have ever known.  We do not live a very routine life in this house, it is a fly by the seat of your pants day everyday around here and it has always been that way, so nighttime fits into that same philosophy.  But when I decided to finally answer one of these moms, here is what I said:  “It takes them the same amount of time for them to fall asleep as it does for me to drink a glass of wine.”  How do I know this?  Well, once bedtime comes around my husbands job is to get our 2 year old to sleep and mine is to get the 1 year twins to sleep.  My first obligation in this process is to myself, selfish I know, but I do it anyways.  I pour myself a healthy glass of nice cold white wine.  Then I put the babes in their prospective sleeping spots and I sit between them.  I place my glass on the window sill behind me and we begin the sleep regime.  They climb on me and I place them gently back into their beds, I take a sip.  They jump on the bed and have giggle fits, I gently place them back down and have a sip.  They cry and pull my hair or hit me, I gently place them back down and have another sip.  This goes on and on until they are both finally sleeping, and for some reason it always takes the same amount of time for them to be asleep as it does for me to finish that glass of wine.


39 year old Mom to 3 DI babies, ages 2 and 1 year old twins.

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