Won’t let the kids Devour My Time Anymore

Hi all, it feels like years since I have blogged and I guess if I look at my last blog date it has been.  I am excited to be up and running again.  I am attempting to regain my blogging life with two 16 month olds and a 2 year old in tow.  My kids are awesome little creatures who have taken me away from the world of social communication and expression for the past several years, but I have vowed not to let them devour anymore .  I have revamped my blog name and changed it from DImommadness to the new and improved GENdMOM, which I think much better describes who I am and my frame of mind these days.  Although I am a mom to donor inseminated kids that is not only who I am.  I am also a women who has things she wants to share and discuss and bitch about with all of you and in doing so I hope that some of you will take my words and walk away with at least some sort of fulfillment after reading them.  So this is it, my quick re-introduction that I have had 3 minutes (or less) to sit down and type, but now I have to go change a diaper full of poo!


39 year old Mom to 3 DI babies, ages 2 and 1 year old twins.

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