Dear Canada….a quick note about Christmas!

Dear Canada, while I appreciate you for your wonderful gift of allowing this country to be multicultural and rich with others traditions, I am becoming completely disgusted with you and your ever increasing ban on CHRISTMAS! For me it is a time of year that I have always looked forward to and celebrated with family and now I have my own little ones who I will continue to enjoy this amazing time of year with. Around our house we celebrate CHRISTMAS and we say MERRY CHRISTMAS to our neighbours and friends, and those we run into in our community. I will have a tree, lights, presents and lots of CHRISTMAS CHEER this year.


Allison Rouble

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2 comments on “Dear Canada….a quick note about Christmas!
  1. I love this Alison. North Americans are just so anxious to be hyper/super aware that not everyone in their countries celebrate Christmas that they find it hard to mention the word at all. Happy Holidays just doesn’t do it. In the UK we have huge numbers of people of faith and belief other than Christian but we are not shy of mentioning and celebrating Christmas…and Diwali and all the other festivals. Being so politically correct is a pain and without humour or humanity.

  2. gendmom says:

    Olivia it is a pain being so politically correct, excellent way to put it, and here I thought we were a fun bunch across the pond here in Canada. Come on Canadians, let’s lighten up this Christmas Season and embrace our traditions along with all the wonderful new traditions that have been introduced to us by the diverse cultural population that we welcome into Canada with open arms. We are so willing to bend over backwards to accommodate the faiths and beliefs of others, lets give ourselves a pat on the back and then celebrate our Christmas Holidays without shame or fear that we will be offending anyone.

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