December 2003

The date is Dec 2 2003, I would have been 31 and married for 3 years.  I lived in Shelburne, Ontario and I wanted a baby.  At this point in our married lives we did not know that infertility was to become our new normal!  I look so different, so young.  I remember thinking that the world was a great place…….I didn’t even realize that at this moment I was part of an Infertile couple.  Infertility can be sneaky that way 😦

I am posting a pic of me from that time.

November 8th, 2003


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2 comments on “December 2003
  1. Casey B says:


    This is a remarkable start to the NaBloPoMo challenge. I like the way you’ve chosen to use pieces you’ve already written as a kind of then and now exercise. I might be tempted to try one later on in the challenge. The poem you’ve presented here is amazing, because you’ve managed to capture the sense of desperation with an undefined cause, which hooks the reader in. I look forward to returning and reading more of your work.

    Best wishes,


    • gendmom says:

      Thank you sooooo much for the response. I have to admit I was/am nervous to put my poem(s) out there. I never wrote them for anyone to see, they were basically a coping mechanism for me way back when. Putting them out there sort of makes me feel a little vulnerable! ;). But I really think that might be a good thing for me.

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