“Delivery Man”

I’m not really sure how I feel about sperm donation being made into comedic movies, and to be honest I stay away from them, but I like Vince Vaughan so maybe????? What about everyone else, how do you feel about this and other movies that have been made portraying families created using sperm donors?

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One comment on ““Delivery Man”
  1. VinceLV says:

    Hi Allison!!!

    In general, I find that people are better able to sympathize with something if it’s presented in a non-threatening way (something they can laugh at while beginning to kind of “get” it). For a populace that largely views sperm donation as “icky” and is too ready to react with a knee-jerk to the topic – if the movie can help make people empathize with those involved, I think that’s a good thing. Given how prevalent donor-conceived families actually are, it really is “normal” even if few are willing to talk about it. I expect we’ll see more pop-media treatment as folks break the “cone of silence” on the issue.

    On that theme…check out this recently-published London Health Sciences article about my wife and my fertility journey. I’ve gotten a few comments from friends and associates about our willingness to publicly talk about my infertility…somewhat uncommon for a man 🙂

    Here’s the link:. http://inside.lhsc.on.ca/article/fall-2013/we-are-family#!

    Back to the topic, I’d like to see both Delivery Man and the French film it’s based on, Starbuck to appreciate the issues they both raise.


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