Crazy Cures for Infertility

Hi all, I am writing an article about Crazy Infertility Cures. ie: When I was coming out of the fertility clinic one day a women at the elevator noticed where I had come from and out of no where offered up some advice on how I could get pregnant. “If you start eating squash soup everyday you will get pregnant” WHAT??? Really? Why had no one told me this magic cure years ago, I would not have spent the past year or so being poked and prodded by doctors, I could have saved myself years of tears and anguish…..WOW, Thanks unknown stranger for the advice that will change my life forever. NOT!

Do any of you ladies out there who struggled with infertility have any stories of someone giving you crazy advice on how to get pregnant. Wether it was you or your husband who was the infertile one? I will not use your name in the article responses will by anonymous if you so choose.

A few examples of crazy cures so far:

A two house Mom house hold posted:  “just get drunk and sleep with a guy”

Another person wrote:  My mom told me to make sure my husband played basketball. She told me that she tried forever and then my dad started to play basketball and “miraculously ” she got pregnant!

Another example:  My stepsister asked a psychic about my infertility(I don’t know why we aren’t close). The psychic told her to tell me to wear socks during intercourse and I would get pregnant for sure.

Well you get the idea.  So send me any of the crazy things people have told you to do.


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One comment on “Crazy Cures for Infertility
  1. Gosh those are insane! Sadly I have no stories to tell. Just visiting all the blogs I’ve followed in the past and saying hi. 🙂

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