Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I was recently invited to join the team at Lean On Us and contribute to their goals and visions, and to their success of reaching those who need a place to come and share, wether it be good, bad, happy or sad we all need a place to be able to be heard.  I have copied and pasted a blurb from their About Us Page:

“Friendship is what inspired the start of this site in the hope of helping others to find friendship and support by either making contact with other members or by finding support through reading personal experiences.  We all love to have fun but more importantly it’s so nice to be able to have discussions about our everyday lives and the issues that can affect us.  Life can be tough; from time to time we can all experience short or long periods of uncertainty or difficult circumstances.
We hope that in us sharing our thoughts with you, that you will be encouraged to open up and not to feel so alone in this world.”

I am currently the new moderator of their Parenting Forum, and once they get their new site up and running I will have a column on their main page.

I thought I would share what I wrote on the Lean On Us Forums as my introduction here on my blog, and hopefully you will all come over and take a look around the LeanOnUS.cowebsite and join in the conversations!

“My name is Allison Rouble and I am a married SAHM of 3 kids.  A 3 year old daughter and 2 year old boy/girl twins.  I originally ventured into the online world with my blog several years back when we got pregnant for the first time with our daughter who unfortunately did not make it and was still born at 5 months.  This was extremely devastating for us as we had been suffering from male factor infertility for the 7 years previous and had finally made the decision to use donor sperm to create our family.  However, we moved on and eventually had the children we so desperately wanted.  I start blogging in an attempt to find other moms/families who also had children born from donor conception and what I found was so much more.  I discovered I had more to write about then just being a mom of donor conceived kids, I also found that I got great joy from interacting with others about being a Mom, A Wife, A Student (yes I am also back in school), etc.  Most importantly I found an online world of friends and family.
I branched out into the social media arena and started finding other blogs and websites that I thought might be of interest to me and through that I found Lean On Us.  I was delighted when I got an email from Sonya asking if I would like to participate in their website and I immediately jumped on it and joined in eager to help them in anyway they thought I could.
I will be the new moderator of the Forums under Parenting and with their help I have selected a few topics that I feel are important.  Please join in, ask me anything, my life as you will see from my blog and once you get to know me better here is an open book.  I am not shy nor offended easily.  I love the personal interaction, so please feel free to email me about anything if you are feeling to shy to ask on the forums.
I look forward to getting to know all of you!”

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