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The One Off Club Sucks

Azoospermia (Male Infertility) “Rare”,  Anencephaly “One-Off”, Vitiligo “Uncommon”, Von Willebrand Disease “Underdiagnosed and rare”. These were just a few of the fun new words and terms that were thrown at me as we struggled through infertility, having kids and now

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Support Group for Women w/ PostPartum Depression

I really believe that we need to talk more and share more about PostPartum (PostNatal) Depression.  It is something that I know many moms do not want to share with others for fear that we will be labeled bad, evil

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A Journey of Loss and Life!

Blog posts are usually very organic for me, they pop into my head and I write them rather quickly with spelling mistakes and bad grammar all included. I then go back and fix my mistakes hoping that the post looks

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