A List Of Some Online Groups To Help You Through The Day :)

I am compiling my own little list of some of the sites I have recently joined and am finding very helpful.  I thought I would share them with my readers.  Although they all have sections about infertility they also have boards and forums for those of use who have come out the other side of our infertility.  Whatever your outcome may be, there is pretty much a group to share your thoughts with on these forums.

I also wanted to add a momsgroup that I have been a member of for over 3 years.  They are amazing and have chapters in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. There is always an event to go to and the ladies you will meet will become friends for life.  I personally have met my bff on there and am so grateful for this group for that.  The ladies in my local chapter of Momstown (which is Barrie) all know that my kids are donor conceived, I shared my story on the message boards and invited anyone who wanted to come read my blog, and I never had one of them judge me ever for my choices.  Karrie is the Owner of Momstown Barrie and she is amazing.  Check out their website at http://momstown.ca/ to find your local momstown chapter and check out the Barrie Momstown where I am a member at http://barrie.momstown.ca/


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