Facebook Pages and Groups Re: Donor Sperm and Eggs

Hi all, just wanted to throw a quick post up about a few of the Facebook pages and groups I am a member of that have some great chat about using donor sperm,eggs, or being the offspring of either one.

Donor & Siblings :  This goup is here to allow the free sharing of information about TTC procedures, donors, siblings and extra vials.If you plan to use/have used sperm/egg donation- you’re welcome!

Donor Sibling Registry : The Donor Sibling Registry was created in September 2000 by Wendy Kramer and her son Ryan (me). Certain that other donor offspring would have the same curiosity as me about my ethnic origins – yet also knowing that, sadly, no public outlet exists for mutual consent contact between people born from anonymous sperm donation, we started this site as the logical next step to making those connections.

Xytex Offspring and Donors : This is a group for off spring and parents of children born from Xytex sperm donors who are in search of information and or the donor. This would not be necessary if Xytex would be more forthcoming with at least vital medical information (current) on past donors.

Donor Conceived Offspring, Siblings, Parents – (Sperm or Egg) : This group is for all people who were conceived via anonymous donor, people who used anonymous donors to conceive their children, anyone who donated sperm or eggs, or anyone considering donor conception.

Donor Inseminated Moms – DI Moms : Please join this group if you are a DI Mom who has “cannots” in your life, join this group if you have things you feel you could only share with other DI Moms, join this group if you are feeling like you need a momsgroup where everyone can openly talk about our unique DI parenting experience. I am hoping we can find other DI moms to become friends with.

GENdMOM : I am a mom, who decided to to start a journey (I know cliche but true) and that lead me to creating a Facebook page, group and a blog all about being a DI Mom with Sperm Donor Kids. But my journey has evolved and I am expanding myself to include being a mom, a wife, a cook, a sister, a daughter….well you get the idea. So if you are any of those, come along and join me.

Below is my original description of my group which still exists but l quickly realized that I am, we are, so much more then just the limited titles below.

“This is a network for Children, Parents, Grandparents, family Members and those who have Donated Gametes so that Families can be created. There is no judgement here, I am neither for nor against anyones choice in regards to wether they used known donors or anonymous donors. I want this to be a place where we can meet as like minded people as we have all chosen the same thing as the parents of donor conceived children and our children are all a result of that. My hope is to be able to meet some really great people and to provide information as I can about relevant news pertaining to DI and all that revolves around it and to also provide a forum where families and individuals who have donated (or those thinking of using or donating gametes) can come and talk and share. Please be kind when you post, we have all been through enough crap to get to where we are today we don’t need to be persecuted for it. I WILL delete all and any offensive posts!”


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