Response to my Post: Being a Sperm Donor Mom is Taboo!

I wanted to post a response I got on facebook about my post.  I am not going to publish the name of the poster as they did post on my fb page and not here on my blog, I find that to be very common, I suppose people think that a comment on facebook is a little more fleeting, then directly posting on my blog.

“In the Christian discourse, Jesus’ real Father wasn’t anonymous – He was anything but. He was emphasized and sought by Jesus as His only real Father. He wasn’t absent from Jesus’ life – God cannot be absent from His Son’s life. When 12-year-old Jesus left His mother and social father and they found Him in the Temple only days later, His explanation that He had to be in His Father’s house was accepted, though not fully understood. If you treat your children’s real father in the same way, and allow your children to think and feel the same way about their real father(s), then the analogy holds. But if it’s not the case, then imagine Jesus was told Joseph was his only real dad! Imagine Jesus being told not to dwell too much on who his father is, because Joseph raised him, and that’s all that matters! Imagine Jesus not being able to access any info on who his father is!”

I always feel that it is rude not to respond to someone who has taken the time to comment on something I have written, so I wrote this back:

“I appreciate your explanation about the logistics of the fathering of Jesus, sounds like they all had an excellent understanding and were very happy with the situation, and that a non-anonymous donor worked out in their situation. In my post I never indicated that my children would not be told that they were conceived from donor sperm, nor did I say that they would never have every opportunity to find him in the future when they are older if they wish, sort of like Jesus. I have no intention of keeping secrets from them. In my post I am merely saying that I have had many occasions where others have found it necessary to tell me how it is where God is concerned when it comes to my using donor sperm….hmmmmmm, maybe next time I will use this story about God, Joseph, Mary and Jesus to help explain it to them. Sounds to me like God was a very responsible donor.”


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