About Our Canadian Law As It Pertains To Sperm Donation?

I started a Yahoo Group called Canadian DI Families hoping to connect with other families in Canada who have had children using sperm donation.  I am just myself starting to delve into what our Laws are here in Canada in regards to sperm donation and the anonymity it may or may not have in the future for my kids who were all conceived using sperm donor BGM 9581 from xytex in the US.  As a Canadian I understand the basics that we can not pay a donor here in our own country for their sperm or eggs, but we are able to go south of the border and buy up as much as we would like from them.  So with the help of the Outreach Health Services in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, my husband and I became the owners of Sperm that would be used to create children.  I have often admitted that I did not think very much about where it came from, or wether it was a donor with an open ID or an anonymous one.  All I wanted in my haste was to have a baby in my arms.  We had been trying to get pregnant for years and when we finally got our diagnosis of unexplained male infertility it still took another couple of years for us to come to the conclusion that we would use Donor Sperm with IUI to make a family.  Now after the pregnancies are done, and our children are here with us safe and sound, I am starting to question the world of Donor Sperm (donor gametes for that matter) and I am looking at our laws here in Canada.  I am not one to enjoy reading through mounds of legal mumble jumble but am doing my best so that I can grasp some sort of understanding as to where our country stands on the issue when it comes to legalities.  I am aware of certain recent court proceedings such as Olivia Pratten vs British Columbia Attorney General  .  I am also aware that Canada has a governing body called Assisted Human Reproduction Canada  , but from the news that I have seen or heard about them they have not really accomplished much in the way of creating clear and concise laws concerning the use of donor gametes in canada since their creation in 2004.

I am hoping to get some input from other DI families and start discussion about our laws and about what its like to have a family created through donor sperm.


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