Donor Family Stories Exploding in the Media

When I started writing this blog I had intentions of hopefully bringing more awareness to the concept of the donor family.  I admit that I started this years ago when I had my first child through donor insemination and I was a very weak blogger to say the least.  I posted a few times and then disappeared into the world of lurking on others blogs and message boards, etc. while I finished having children and completing my DI family.  I now have 3 children, all donor conceived by the same donor BGM 9581 and I made the decision to start up my blog again.  I have been lack luster at best when it comes to consistency.  I blame being a tired mom with a 2 year old and 18 month old twins for my large gaps in posting times and my severe loss of anything creative to say.  But what I have noticed in the last few months as I continue my lurking, is that there seems to be an explosion in the mainstream media about the donor conceived and the donors themselves.  It is everywhere, possibbley I am noticing more then someone who’s family was not created using donor gametes, but maybe not.

Wendy Kramer from the Donor Sibling Registry has been a huge part in bringing this to the forefront and I am extremely grateful for her efforts and successes.  I have been a member of her website ever since I was pregnant with my first and we have found a donor sibling match through her site.  Although I admit that when I read posts on the message board and through the newsgroups I do not always agree with what is being said and the way some of the ways certain individuals are attempting to change the laws, I always appreciate that my children’s lives will not have to be a secret and that they will not feel that they are alone in the way they were conceived.  I have meet a few other moms online (none in person) who are also DI Moms and I hope to meet more, I want to create my own community for my children, a place where they have the opportunity to meet other children and families that have common concerns and triumphs as we have had.

Some of the upcoming and past shows or articles that I have been aware of are:

Sperm Donor Reunion.
Friday, November 18, 2011
Check your local listings for correct channel and time.Anderson explores the reality of sperm banks, which often don’t limit the number of donations one sperm donor can make, resulting in children of sperm donors having multiple half-siblings. Anderson speaks with 18-year-old Alana, who while searching for her sperm donor biological father, discover…See more

Anderson explores the reality of sperm banks, which often don’t limit the amount of donations one sperm donor can make, resulting in children of sperm…,0,4571590.story

Colton Wooten knows who his mom is, but since mom used an anonymous sperm donor program, he will likely never know his father.,0,6721464.story

DENVER — When couples struggle with fertility, many of them turn to sperm donors to help them get pregnant.
‎12:45 Eastern Time, Wednesday November 2ndThe Judith Regan Show – Sirius XM Stars ( powerhouse Judith Regan brings her media and culture savvy to SIRIUS XM Stars every Wednesday. Sitting down with actors, authors, designers, doctors, philanthropists, politicians, commentators, comedians and America at large, Regan tackles it all. From intimate one-on-one interviews to raucous roundtable discussions, no territory is left uncovered. 

Here’s a link where you can download an mp3 of the full segment.

JR Roundtable 20111102.mp3
Watch the entire show:

‎|ben’s fiancee Lauren discovers the actual number of biological children Ben has, and wonders what this means for them and their future. |Sperm Donor| premieres Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 9 p.m. on The Style Network.|

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