Once Again Women and Their Rights are Violated!

To be completely honest I am not sure I ever have the right words to completely and accurately describe my emotions about some of the disgusting things that are happening in the world.  I do however know that my entire being becomes so enraged I shake when I read all the immoral and brutish things that politicians and governments are getting away with when it comes to violating women and their right’s!

Egypt Doctor Acquitted of Virginity Tests


by: Mummy Buzz

They say you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.  If every revolution is mired in human rights abuses, then Egypt was no exception.

After a protest in Tahrir Square shortly after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, many women protesters were arrested and subjected to so-called “virginity tests” during their detainment.  The military doctor, Ahmed Adel, was recently cleared due to contradictions in witness statements.

One of the women violated for protesting, Samira Ibrahim, said she would continue to fight until justice was served.

Ms. Ibrahim and other women were reportedly forced by the Egyptian army to endure a five-minute-long “virginity test” by a male doctor.

Although the army initially denied the allegations, Amnesty International reported that a senior general later anonymously admitted that the tests had happened.

Ms. Ibrahim claimed witnesses had “changed their story at the last minute,” either out of fear or possible coercion.  In any case, let’s pray that these women have the courage to come forward to right the wrongs done to them in their quest for change.


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