‘Fringe’ TV Episode About Sperm Donor Kids

Yet another main stream show has done an episode about donor conceived kids and their sperm donor dad.  This one includes, 200 kids, a fertility doctor gone rogue and mind control,it is Fringe after all.  The show aired on FOX on Feb 17th, I am sure it can be found on the web somewhere to watch, I am going to find it and check it out.  First CSI Miami and now Fringe…..how mainstream!!!!

I copied this partial description of the show:

The anchor for the episode is a mentally ill patient who keeps hearing voices of other people that takes a nasty turn when those voices turn out to be a group of teenagers who kill.

When a victim turns up, the Fringe division checks up on this kid, only to find out a sperm donor fathered him – and there are more half-brothers out there with the same DNA out there. They were part of an experiment that enhanced the human experience including telepathy and herd mentality.


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