Men Should Masturbate More Often…..Hmmmmmmmmm, Interesting????

I came across this interesting article posted on: and as the wife of a man with azoospermia who visited what feels like a ton of doctors who “specialized” in male infertility, I can honestly say that not one of them ever suggested my husband masturbate more often.  Poor guy, that probably would have been a treatment who would not have minded at all, especially compared to the other things we went through to have kids.


Daily ejaculation (or more!) is important when trying to optimize sperm. A Spanish study published in the November 2011 edition of Fertility & Sterility (the bible of reproductive health peer reviewed medical publications) states: “Overall, if oxidative stress in the epididymis increases SDF (sperm DNA fragmentation), then the more prolonged the storage time in epididymis the higher will be the increase in SDF. Thus, reducing the storage time should help to prevent the extratesticular increase in SDF.”Translation, ejaculate more often.

To put this into terms that men will easily understand; it takes a little less than 3 months for sperm to get from the testicle to the outside world. While the little guys are swimming along on this very long journey they burn a lot of fuel, and as we know, burning fuel produces exhaust. This exhaust is particularly toxic to the sperm, much like a bunch of cars driving around in an enclosed building, the drivers eventually will be poisoned. This ‘exhaust’ is what the authors of the study refer to as ‘oxidative stress’. This exhaust causes the DNA of the sperm to literally fall apart, resulting in less fertilization and increased incidence of early miscarriage. Therefore; ejaculate daily.

It should be noted that this practice should not be taken up by all men. Only those that have a sperm count that is not considered severely deficient (severe oligospermia) should take up this new hobby. Also, if a man is under a particularly stressful time of life, consider 1-2 days of abstinence between ejaculation.

For research on how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help improve sperm, visit the male factor fertility research section.


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